Operator Resources

Welcome to Orenco's Operator Resources page. These resources are designed to help those who operate and maintain Orenco equipment by offering convenient, round-the-clock access to training videos, documents, and manuals.

We also provide operator training and environmental monitoring procedures. And Orenco has Technical Sales Representatives, as well as an Asset Management team, to provide personal assistance and product support. Just call 1-800-348-9843.

Training Videos

Biotube® Cleaning Video

View this video to find out how to clean your Biotube Pump Vault or Biotube Effluent Filter.


AdvanTex® Sheet-Cleaning Video

View this video to see how to use an Orenco cleaning wand to clean AdvanTex textile sheets.


Pump Repair Video

View this video to find out how to rebuild an Orenco P- or PF-series high-head pump, which is capable of lasting 20 years without replacement.



















Orenco assumes no risk for your use of these resources. If you need information relating to earlier generation products, variants of standard products, or custom products, please contact your local Orenco distributor or call Orenco at +1-541-459-4449 or (800) 348-9843 (toll free).

Operation & Maintenance Documents

Need information on a particular part or system? The documents below can help.





Operator News

The “Operator News” provides tips to help you operate and maintain Orenco Effluent Sewers and AdvanTex Treatment Systems. Printable versions of our e-mail newsletter appear below.