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Since 1981, Orenco Systems — headquartered in Oregon, USA — has designed and sold affordable, sustainable wastewater treatment products for properties not served by conventional sewers. Our award-winning technologies are cited in wastewater texts and installed all over the world. They include fiberglass septic tanks and septic systems, advanced treatment systems, effluent sewers, and electrical control panels.

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What's New

New Orenco and Division Logos on the Way!

We’re excited to introduce the updated logos we’ve developed for Orenco Systems, Orenco Composites, and Orenco Controls.

The new Orenco Systems logo reflects our corporate vision and illustrates our focus on protecting the world's water. The blue "arrows" represent our emphasis on water conservation and reuse, while the image of a globe conveys both our desire to protect the planet's resources and our experience doing business all over the world. Though the basic design elements for each division are similar, every logo contains a unique element that speaks to that division's core products.

The Composites logo features a central webbed graphic that conveys the strength of our fiberglass products.

The Controls logo includes a graphic that represents connectivity, illustrating how our panels can connect various kinds of equipment.

We'll be rolling out our new logos over the next few weeks. They’ll also be prominently featured on our new website, which we're launching in the next few months. Stay tuned for more details!

Orenco Receives Another "Top Projects" Award

For the second year in a row, we've received a "Top Projects" award from Water & Wastes Digest. This year's award-winning project is located in Vero Beach, Florida, a densely populated city next to the Indian River Lagoon on Florida's east coast. Many of the city's on-lot septic tanks and drainfields were failing, and experts believed that nitrogen, phosphorus, and bacteria from these systems were contributing to the pollution of the watershed. To address these concerns, approximately 1,500 septic systems are now being replaced with an Orenco Sewer system, at about half the cost of gravity sewer. For all the details, check out our Vero Beach Case Study.

Effluent Sewer Systems: Real-World Data Available

Those who work with effluent sewers know - and have demonstrated repeatedly - that they're the most cost-effective solution when looking at whole-life costs. Orenco's Terry Bounds, P.E., and Grant Denn recently wrote a paper that helps designers and engineers develop accurate cost information about effluent sewers based on facts, not conjecture. Download "Decentralized Design Considerations and Life-Cycle Costs" to learn more.

Orenco Systems Chosen for "Top Projects" Award

An Orenco project in Christiansburg, Ohio, was named a 2015 “Top Project” by Water & Wastes Digest. Winners were chosen based on the challenges presented by their projects and how they met those challenges. Sam Carter, Orenco’s Sales and Marketing Director, accepted the award at WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago. To learn more about this award-winning project, see our Christiansburg Case Study.

Fiberglass Industrial and Utility Products Website

Orenco’s fiberglass products division, Orenco Composites, has launched a new website to introduce its industrial-scale processes and products. Visit to learn more about these industrial products – including large tanks, basins, shelters, and custom parts – and about how they’re made.

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Headquartered in Sutherlin, Oregon, Orenco employs about 300 people and sells its products through 300 points of distribution in North America, Central America, South America, Australasia, Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia. The company’s systems have been installed all over the world.

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“I’ve always liked the proactive approach that Orenco takes. I have two criteria regarding any product specifications: the product does the job and the company provides technical support. Orenco excels in both, which makes me look good and my clients happy.”

— David Monihan, Jr., P.E., RLS