Standard Control Panels

Choose a standard control panel for our quickest delivery and maximum savings.

Standard Panels

We offer many standard designs, resulting from our long history of building wastewater system controls.  Primarily for pump and flow control applications, these panels can be configured for many other uses. 

Alarms & Monitors offer low-cost solutions for limited feedback and control applications.  Our Alarms offer audio and visual indication of input status for basic on/off control.  Our Monitors provide digital counter display of total load cycles.

Electromechanical Control Panels (Simplex and Duplex) provide cost-effective, traditional control panel components with hard-wired logic offering superior Orenco quality.  These panels perform reliably in extreme temperature and corrosive environments.

MVP Logic Control Panels have programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for solid state dependability and greater control of your application.  The interactive display shows key settings and alarms in easy-to-read sentences for improved operation and maintenance.  All logic panels are preprogrammed at Orenco.  We also reprogram panels using EEPROM cards that we mail to the customer for insertion in the field.  Our logic panels are priced competitively with traditional electromechanical panels.

Telemetry Control Panels communicate status, alarms, and control information for remote monitoring and control of wastewater applications. Management and troubleshooting of multiple panels/sites can be centralized for access anywhere the Internet is available.


"There's no doubt that when you buy something from Orenco, it does exactly what Orenco says it will do."

— Brian Boswell, Senior Project Engineer